Melbourne wedding videographer // Campbell Point House

October 15, 2015 Melbourne Weddings

We recently made a trip down to Melbourne for the wedding of Jules and Reggie. The wedding was held at Campbell…

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Brisbane Wedding Videographer | Sam & Massey at The Hilton

As a wedding videographer, my favourite part of a wedding is the symbolism of two family’s becoming one. Unfortunately, attention to…

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The Best Wedding Vendors in Queensland

November 22, 2014 Featured

Now we all know that planning a wedding isn’t an easy job. How many times have you heard that one, eh?…

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Wedding Cinematography Brisbane

Brisbane Wedding Videographer | What is wedding cinematography ?

I’d love to share some of my ideas and thoughts about producing wedding films, as I believe a lot of couples…

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Brisbane Wedding Videographer | Wedding Florists in Brisbane

Looking for a florist for your wedding coming up? Or for your anniversary? When it comes to flowers you always want…

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Favourite Wedding Songs

Favourite Wedding Songs

November 1, 2014 Wedding Music

Now, we have had the urge to put together this list of my favourite wedding songs for a while now and I…

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