We are Divine Studios!

Wedding photographers and cinematographers allowing you to unobtrusively enjoy your day in a natural fun relaxed way!

Our wedding photographers and videographers work together to capture wedding films and images that speak to the .

Wedding videographers, Brisbanes' Divine Studios, produce wedding video, cinematography, wedding films and photojournalistic award winning photography throughout Australia. We regularly travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Whitsundays, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for destination wedding videography and wedding photography.

The venues we most commonly provide wedding videography at are Customs House, Victoria Park Functions, Brisbane Polo Club, Sails Noosa, Maleny Manor, Stamford Plaza, Sofitel, Emporium Hotel, Villa Botanica and many more. Our wedding films are award winning and we are accredited with the Professional Photographers Association Queensland. We provide you with special incentives for booking both wedding photography and wedding cinematography with our studio.

Booking wedding packages that combine wedding photography and videography creates a seamless experience in video production and photos. Are you looking for a cinematic storytelling style ? Choose from HD ( high definition video ) or 4K format .


The Best Wedding Vendors in Queensland

November 22, 2014 Featured

Now we all know that planning a wedding isn’t an easy job. How many times have you heard that one, eh?…

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Wedding Cinematography Brisbane

What is wedding cinematography ?

I’d love to share some of my ideas and thoughts about producing wedding films, as I believe a lot of couples…

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Wedding Florists in Brisbane

Looking for a florist for your wedding coming up? Or for your anniversary? When it comes to flowers you always want…

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Favourite Wedding Songs

Favourite Wedding Songs

November 1, 2014 Wedding Music

Now, we have had the urge to put together this list of my favourite wedding songs for a while now and I…

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Steph & DJ // My Wedding Wish

A truly incredible day was experienced at Stephanie and DJ’s wedding. On a bright Tuesday afternoon, a crowd of beloved family…

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Storytelling in Wedding Films

Proposal Ideas : One of the Most Creative Ways to Propose

August 4, 2014 Engagement Shoot

As film makers we are often asked to reenact the couple’s proposal. So when given the chance to capture the actual…

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