Food & Drink

The first thing for us when thinking of foods to go with wines is cheese! Nothing goes better with wine than cheese as far as we are concerned.

So why not ask the caterer to set up a ‘cheese station’ where guests can pick and choose different types of cheese to go with their wine selection.

You could even include descriptions or signs with each cheese for those who are unsure of which cheese to pick. This could explain where the cheeses have come from, their distinct flavours and which type of wine will best suit that particular cheese.

Because vineyards are working farms it make sense to continue the rustic farm feel by having foods that reflect that current growing season.

For example, in Summer why not throw in strawberries and raspberries into your desserts? In Autumn, why not use apples and pears into your dishes?

And of course, it’s not just fruits but vegetables that have growing seasons as well like peppers and cherry tomatoes in the Summer, and pumpkins and corn in the Autumn. And it makes sense that when it comes to the seated meal, each course is suited to a particular type(s) of wine.

So make sure to ask your caterer for help when choosing which wine to choose for each course and/or vice versa. Better yet, some foods, like certain meat with sauce dishes could use wine in the cooking.

Have you thought about customising your wedding cake to suit the vineyard theme? For example, by adding grapes made of icing to surround the cake.

For the drinks, maybe you could also serve sangria in the Summer made with wines from the vineyard.


How Will The Outdoor Wedding Affect Your Choice of Dress, Shoes, etc…?

Often at wineries, because they are essentially farms, there is no concrete paving. So consider this fact if you have chosen a long, flowing gown or satin veil if you have planned to walk down the aisle amongst grape vines outdoors! This may also affect your shoe choice. After all, you don’t want those heels to get stuck in the earth as you are walking down the aisle to meet your husband to be!

Wedding Crashers

Whether the winery announces it on their website, FB page or any other form of social or online media, you can be sure that at least one unassuming couple will turn up at the winery, unaware of your private event.

You will just need to have a sense of humor and don’t get stressed if this happens. You could have polite but visible signs of notifying any uninvited guests of your wedding and possibly rope off the area too.


Music Choice

Think of songs or music that not only fits your personality, but also reflects upon the vineyard as well. You might want some jazz at cocktail hour, but then with a bit more energy for the after dinner dancing!

If possible, you could even choose bands that can accomodate both. And a good idea might be to ask for song choices in advance of the wedding. You wouldn’t want to upset the vibe by choosing music that no-one likes now would you?


Thank You Gifts

Why not add that extra special touch at the end of the wedding to thank your guests for coming? Something like mini bottles of wine from that particular vineyard, or sterling silver wine stoppers for example.

And maybe even, as was mentioned above, wine bottles with customised labels. Your guests will be leaving on a high and talking about your wedding for days or even weeks to come whilst sipping your customised wines in the comfort of their own home.

So there you have it! Those are our tips and tricks for planning your own winery wedding. Good luck brides and grooms to be and don’t forget to watch our Albert River Wines wedding in the video above for further inspiration!

regards, Normy B