In the morning we met up with Michael and the boys as they were getting ready at the Stamford Plaza and went on to the Pureman salon for a shave and a trim. Meanwhile Danielle was getting excited about dad arriving as he had come over from NZ for the wedding with other family members.

The ceremony was held at the Botanical Gardens and I must admit, it may have been one of the shortest we have seen in a 15 year career, yet that I think was something that Danielle and Michael both were looking for is lot’s of time to spend with family and friends on the day.



It was a perfect setting and a few extra steps from the Botanical Gardens where we have held the ceremony as well as the photo-shoot with Danielle, Michael and the bridal party. There was a beautiful relaxed vibe throughout the whole day, some heartfelt speeches and a lot of boogie happening at the end of the night.


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Best Wedding Videographers | Danielle + Mike

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