What are engagement photos?

Engagement photos are a fantastic way to capture a couple in some portrait photos before the wedding. Brisbane engagment photography by Divine Studios is an essential part to getting relaxed natural looking wedding photos.

Some photographers refer to it as an e-shoot , e-session, pre wedding images or couple photography. Most wedding photographers also offer to create services as engagement photographers to provide engagement photography.

The most important thing for you to really understand is what all the benefits are? So why should you want to do an engagement shoot? Let’s go into all the reasons right now.



The engagement session usually lasts for 1 to 2 hours and is included in our wedding photography collections. If you have not already booked us for your wedding then there is a booking fee of $50 for the engagement photography session which then goes towards your print / digital image orders.

For engagement photography print/digital images prices pleas click on the PRICE button in the menu to download our pricing.

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In short, to get you the natural photos you want.

1) It’s the best way for you to experience how fun and stress free your wedding day photos can be with a talented experienced photographer is to take a test drive in the form of engagement photos.

2) Great photography is really about having a great time throughout the shoot and having photographs created that express personality and expression such as fun, relaxed, romantic, quirky, elegant, sophistication and bubbliness. The first thing a couple should understand about their photography is that their expressions should be natural and interesting. This is achieved by having a photographer that is highly experienced as well as having enough time to get the expressions and perfection in the images that you deserve.

3) The engagement photos can be used to confirm the decision to hire the right wedding photographer. If you love the images and have a great experience you can have piece of mind for your wedding day. If there are issues with the photographs and you do not look like you feel comfortable in the photographs consider approaching a more experienced photographer.

4) Posing is a dirty word for many people, yet most professional photographers understand the reality and importance of posing. Most couples are worried that posing can make them look “posed’ and “unnatural”. What is important to understand is that most people kind of go a bit stiff when they are being photographed by a professional. A talented experienced wedding photographer will usually take candid photographer throughout the day, yet at certain times of the day will actually give direction that is usually designed to make people look natural rather than posed. The sad truth is that when hiring a less experienced / talented photographer you will often end up looking less natural or even awkward because inexperienced photographers have not developed the skills and experience to make you look how you should in a professional image which can often take photographers many years to do well ( possibly 5 to 10 years ). At our studio we believe a photographer should have 5 years of full-time experience as a portrait/wedding photographer as well as professional photography eduction to really have the best chance to get professional quality images. With regards to engagement images it’s important to understand that this is a very important chance to get a glimpse of how good the fit is with the photographer and to experience how they direct or pose you in the images. For the photographer it is a chance to identify how you are as a couple infront of the camera that can help in preparing for the wedding day. A chance to give the couple some tips for the wedding day.

5) It gives you the couple a chance to see how the different image styles will look from that particular photographer, such as black and white photography and to know how that would look with the wedding pictures. All wedding photographers have different editing styles and equipment and so it can be great to see what look the professional pictures will have especially for your photographs.

6) Engagement photos are a great way to create couple photography that can be used on social media to get guests excited about the wedding and to show in guest books and engagement photo albums that guest can write well wishes throughout the engagement album. Think about it this way…. If you were to send low quality photographs of yourselves that have no mood may be a missed opportunity to make a good impression on your guests about what is coming up at the wedding. First impressions can be really important.

7) During the pre wedding photography session, you will have an opportunity to see the engagement photography ideas that your photographer comes up with. How creative are they and does the style fit your personalities?

8) It could be a great idea to use the photography as an engagement gift and to show at the engagement party and on the engagement invitations. It can be a lot more personal to have a great engagement photo displayed at your party and on your invites.

9) Your wedding photos will reflect how you feel on the day. If you have spent some fun time before the wedding with the photographer it is absolutely guaranteed that you will feel more comfortable on the wedding day through the confidence and the connection that you got from the engagement photos.

10) Many photographers offer the engagement session as inclusive of the wedding photography and there is often no obligation to order any prints or photographs from the session. So there is really nothing to lose!

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You want the best natural photos?

1) Talk to your photographer about any worries you have. This is very common that couples have concerns about being photographed… the reality is that talented experienced professionals can overcome most of these issues to a degree that they cease to be an issue for you.

2) Have the make up trial for the wedding done on the same day as the engagement session. Or at least have your hair and makeup done professionally for the engagement session during your lunch break or straight after work. This way you will see how your bridal style hair and makeup will look on camera and will also look amazing in the engagement photographs.

3) Let the photographer experiment a little on the engagement shoot so that the photographer understands what works for you and what creative imagery you are most happy with.

4) Enquire with the photographer if you can help choose the locations to be somewhere that have some sort of meaning to you as a couple.

5) Wear something comfortable that reflects who you are.

6) It’s often best to photograph in the last hour or two of light of the day. So expect the photographer to suggest a late afternoon time unless it is an evening shoot.

7) If you are looking for a fun energetic shoot think about having it in the afternoon whereas if you would like a more romantic sophisticated shoot an evening shoot could work very well for that

8) Ask the photographer about bringing engagement props such as tandem bikes, balloons, cupcakes, chalkboard tablets, books, signs, a picnic set, a guitar, ice-cream etc etc

9) The images can be used for Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, a wedding guest book or a reception slideshow as well as having some beautiful images to hang on your wall or display in a portrait album on your coffee table, to start your family album collection, or to give away to family and friends before or after the wedding.

10) Create a theme for your engagement shoot. A good example could be to base it on one of your favourite movies.

OK so you now understand why you should do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer. So let’s now go into the engagement photography location ideas. Where should you have the engagement pictures taken?

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Check out the best locations…

Often the photography studio may want to do the photography in a location that is not too far from the location of the studio. Yet also it is quite common venture into the city, out into the country or to the beach.

Usually a city centre has a lot of interesting backdrops for engagement photography and on the other extreme the country and the beach give a a very different feel. At our studio we usually suggest to take the photos close to the CBD, especially places like teneriffe, new farm, southbank, eagle street, Brisbane botanical gardens etc etc.

We are however very open to almost any location even a few hours drive from Brisbane if we feel that the creative feel of the images are exactly what the couple are looking for. A great option for the engagement photography is also where you first met if it is not too far from the photography studio.

brisbane-engagment-pictures Brisbane Engagement Photography - The Ultimate Guide



There are many 
location options for an engagement photography session in Brisbane.

Some of the top locations for engagement pictures in Brisbane are Newfarm Park and the Powerhouse where there is lot’s of space to move around and a large variety of backdrops which becomes important when designing engagement photo albums.

The Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Southbank , Eagle street and around RNA showgrounds are also very good locations to consider. Not only is variety of engagement poses that look natural important to create variety yet also having a variety of backdrops and colours are needed to create visual diversity.

Having a place where there are lot’s of different backgrounds really helps with creating engagement photo ideas.  Another important thing to consider for engagement photo shoot ideas is that you want to reflect your personality.

So what do you like to do together? So having an ice-cream or a coffee together, or including your pets and your hobbies should also be considered when choosing location. When combining these hobbies ideas and themes with locations the possibilities for engagement shoot ideas start to become infinite.

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The clothes for an engagement session should be something that feels like you. It’s important to talk to your photographer about the ideas you have as the clothing will affect the mood and style of the shoot.

Whether you feel happy wearing jean and a t-shirt, a full suit and evening gown or something a little bit funky, it should reflect your personality and you should feel very comfortable in what you are wearing. There are a few basic rules that apply that will be discussed. Let’s dive into engagement photos what to wear…. Make sure you wear something that hugs your waist. wear something that flows like a dress that can flow in the wind. It is also a good idea to wear neutral colours such as pastels… yet if your personality screams for some brighter colours that can work too.

A great photographer might figure out your personalities before the shoot and decided to bring out your story as being a fun and energetic couple or might as another example decide that you are more sophisticated and laid back. In the case of a fun shoot it could be suggested the shoot be done in the afternoon wearing casual or smart casual clothes. Generally the clothes should not have any logos or writing on them or be really busy with some kind of design on them.



Engagement photography really is very similar to couples photography, yet it’s obvlously a really important time for you to get the photos of how happy you were before getting married.

That sounded kind of weird yeah? Of course you will continue your journey of happiness togethor as you step into your marriage and having casual photos of you guys having fun outside of the wedding photos, photos that really are stunning and you can fall in love with are an important keepsake for the future.

Yes every couple have snapshots and smart phone photos togethor yet having photos that have the best lighting, the best skin tones, the best quality and resolution, the best angles, the best expression etc etc are very valuable. Couples photography is something that should be fun, creative and potentially tell your story. How can you bring your hobbies and life togethor into the images? How can you capture new chapters in your life togethor? Do you live in a stunning house and have a car you love?  These can all be part of your story.



Brisbane is such a great place for photography with the weather! We can look into other locations around Brisbane, the Sushine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba etc if that is something very important to you.Â

Usually the engagment shoots are scheduled straight after work of if you can get off work a little early that would be ideal. So let’s say around 3 or 4 pm weekdays is an ideal time for lighting and availability for us.


Behind the scenes WITH NORMY B

Take a look at one of our recent engagement shoots at the Power House in Brisbane.

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