A truly incredible day was experienced at Stephanie and DJ’s wedding. On a bright Tuesday afternoon, a crowd of beloved family and friends and the My Wedding Wish team gathered for the arrival of Stephanie at the wedding venue. A ripple of excitement and happiness went through the crowd as Steph entered.

As Stephanie was heading down the aisle, you could just see by the look on DJ’s face that this was the day he had been waiting for. You could see the couple were so grateful to have their beloved family there on their special day, as the ceremony was filled with a lot of smiles and hugs. It was great working with the My Wedding Wish team, it was truly so wonderful to be able to fulfil this young couples wish.

We are humbled to have been apart of this couple’s special day and being able to film and create memories which will last a lifetime.

Please enjoy the video….

swatch Sunshine Coast Videographer - My Wedding Wish

I just want to mention as well, that is beautiful couple are also fighting a hard battle. DJ has been diagnosed with Leukaemia and for the last three years and has exhausted all possible medical options in Australia. Treatment is available overseas, and so funds are being raised to assist DJ in making this possible.

Give this couple one last chance at love. A new start and chance at life is needed now more than ever.

DJ and Stephanie are currently raising funds in order that they may live to have a happy, brighter future. The human spirit is quite amazing and although DJ and Steph are fighting strong, they need your help! They have managed to raise a large portion of the total needed, but are now just $60,000 off target!

Watch the video and then because we know you will want to donate, we have added the link below!

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Sunshine Coast Videographer - My Wedding Wish

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