The Sirromet wedding video of Adrian and Dewi was very elegant and fun. It was one of the special Sirromet winery wedding. From the asian tea ceremony at the house to lot’s of the singing and entertainment at the reception it was a day packed with fun and laughter.


Sirromet’s Restaurant Lurleen’s is can hold a maximum of 220 and our wedding certainly was at capacity for this awesome day. With 100 hectares under vine, Sirrromet’s vineyards are located in the high altitude of Queensland’s renown Granite Belt region.

Situated 600-1500 metres above sea level and approximately three hours drive south west of Brisbane, “The Granite Belt is one of the most exciting wine destinations in the country” Max Allen, The Weekend Australian.

The wedding of Adrian and Dewi started in the morning for us as we captured the couple getting ready. Adrian then came to the CBD hotel and walked backwards into Dewi as they bumped heads.

The ceremony was then held at St Johns Cathedral with its beautiful stained glass windows, its lofty ceilings and its tall, delicately proportioned columns . After the ceremony we head back of to the family home for an asian tea ceremony.

The photo shoot then followed by the casino building in Brisbane before we made our way out the Sirromet Winery for the reception. A Sirromet winery wedding is quite special due to the elegance and spaciousness that the winery offers and is therefore one of our favourite wedding venues in the Brisbane area.



I loved the way Dewi was dressed up and the attention to detail of the dress, hair and makeup.  It was really nice to walk around the Sirromet Winery even in the windy weather and get some great cinematic shots.

The band was also great at creating the right vibe at the reception, having been at so many weddings, we know how important we feel a talented live band is for a wedding reception. best regards, Normy B

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Video for Wedding | Sirromet Wedding

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