Wedding drone videos have been something we have been excited about for some time at Divine Studios. When Cory and Sarah had their wedding at Boomerang Farm and asked us to fly our drones at the wedding we were more than happy to get some amazing aerial footage for their wedding film.

Wedding drone videos have become quite popular recently. With the fast growth of new drone operators, there have been more than the odd wedding drone fail and wedding drone crash happening as flying a drone at a wedding is not the easiest tasks. Our drone operator had crashed 4 drones in the last few years as he was learning to fly and flying on a regular basis so as you can imagine there is a learning curve involved.

Part of the reason why the drone video cost is a significant investment is because of the expense involved in drone technology as well as in many instances the drone operators completing a course to receive a drone operators licence with CASA.  If you would like to know more about our pricing for drone video footage or photography for either weddings or commercial work, you can contact us here.


What is important to understand is that without a licence at the time of writing the drone operator must fulfill certain criteria to fly the drone at the wedding. A couple of rules are not to fly too close to an airport and another is to give notice to CASA a few days before flying the drone at the wedding. These are certainly things to consider when thinking of a wedding drone hire.
As you may have seen wedding drone shots in many of our films you will see that they bring that special attention to detail, storytelling and wow factor to wedding films and without a doubt have a huge future in the art of wedding cinematography.
As the above wedding film shows that even in the short version highlight film, the wedding drone footage really has a big impact on the film. You can see especially in the wedding film for Jules and Reggie how the opening and closing scenes really are so amazing when edited into their melbourne wedding cinematography.
Aside of all the drone fun we had at the wedding, the wedding was gorgeous and it was a long and incredible experience being a part of the big day.
Boomerang farm is a golf course and wedding venue located in the heart of the Mudgeeraba hinterland. It’s the perfect location for couples dreaming of a sub tropical environment for their wedding.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Wedding Drone Video | Boomerang Farm

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