Wedding Films Brisbane by Divine Studios captured this video for our lovely couple. Wendy and Khang had an awesome wedding !!!  In the morning we started the day with the beautiful tea ceremony rituals.  The reception was held at the Landmark Restaurant in Sunnybank.

The reception saw a lot of fun games and mayhem. The timing was very tight I remember at the wedding as often with changing from traditional gowns to the white dress I can only imagine the time involved and obvious attention to detail required.

Working under time pressure is a bit of a love hate thing as I love the thrill of it yet it can easily become risky.

For that reason we ideally always allow very adequate blocks of times for the different parts of the wedding day as to allow for a great experience for everyone, the bride and groom, bridal party and us as photographers and cinematographers.

Nevertheless from my experience with asian wedding films Brisbane it is a tradition to fit all the additional traditions and ceremonies into the day.

After the ceremony we all went to the Emporium Hotel for wedding photographs and some burritos and burgers before going to the reception for lot’s of craziness and fun…


I loved the way the Wendy said that Khang makes her laugh every day! I think if you can have that in a partnership you are already winning! In the video just after the interview with the couple there is the opening shot at the hose which I shot with my Steadicam Pilot.

I remember taking 3 or 4 takes before I was happy with the shot. Balancing a Steadicam perfectly is always really important for this type of shot so that the camera stays very stable in any position without help by me as the operator.

I used the Canon 14mm rectilinear lens on the Steadicam most of the time which was an amazing combination for wedding films Brisbane.

I was particularly stunned by Wendy in both in her traditional gown and when she came out of the limo in her white dress. It was also fun to work with my friends at Vellum Studios… playing around by the infamous red door  is always fun!

What is also funny for me looking back at the footage is that I’m a big Guzman y Gomez fan… yet at the time of the wedding I had never tried their food, so I was so close, but it wasn’t until some time after the wedding that I began to go to that restaurant regularly.



Meet Jack and the team at Divine Studios by watching the short video below!


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Wedding Films Brisbane | Wendy + Khang

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