This lovely wedding was capture by Robin, Gabriel and I as we captured the photography and a wedding cinematography at one of our favourite locations Palazzo Versace.


This venue is now doubt one of the few venues on the Gold Coast when it comes to photographic opportunities. The ceremony was held on the beach at the spit where the lighting and atmosphere was very intimate for the wedding. Coming back to Palazzo Versace was then fantastic go create some really creative wedding photography.

The couple danced the night away and all the guests had an amazing time for the reception where there were also some fun games throughout the night.

Divine Studios Photo + Cinema provides incentives for capture of both photography and cinematography.

The art of the wedding film can be really taken to the limit at such a beautiful venue such as Palazo Versace. The cinematography film that is captured at such an event will usually look nothing short of a Holywood movie.

This however does not come without great challenges. To capture movie quality audio on a beach where there is strong winds around seventy percent of the time requires the utmost experience and technical knowledge of wedding cinema production.

Feel free to browse many of our cinematic wedding films here!

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Wedding Photography Gold Coast

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