Best Wedding Songs | the complete list!

Now, we have had the urge to put together this list of my favourite wedding songs for a while now and I finally have some songs for you! We really enjoy music and it is complementary to wedding cinema production . Being curious individuals we are, we want to check out some of the favourite, best, well-worn wedding songs out there.  Here are some of our favourites and yes, I guess you may notice we are easily swayed by some movie wedding scenes. So here are songs that can be played at anytime during the wedding, but lets just say it is for the first dance. The songs range from romantic, sophisticated to up beat and catchy.

Let’s start with some old favourites:

Van Morrison – Into the Mystic

This song makes me feel like cruising the waters of a beautiful ocean. A beautiful song to dance to: lots of torso moves and twirling and holding each other. It is also featured as the wedding dance song on American Pie: The wedding!

Tony Bennett and Faith Hill – The way you look tonight ( Favourite Wedding Songs )

So tender and soft, and sophisticated. A very intimate song – if that’s the way you like it! Always a classic. As I am inspired by films, another version of this song is featured in My Best Friend’s Wedding, and in my opinion, quite an emotional scene- I am a Julia Roberts fan.

John Legend – Stay with you

This is lovely song, perfect lyrics and very soft and romantic. Perfect for a relaxed dance on your wedding day. Some of my favourite people included this song at their wedding, which makes it extra special for me.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

This is a really new song out. But as soon as I watched the video and was listening to the lyrics I knew this would be a favourite amongst for the ‘first dance’. Check it out for yourself. Just sway to the music holding each other, or maybe a practice a routine like Ed Sheeran and the amazing female dancer.

James Blunt – Bonfire Heart

There is always the James Blunt fans out there. If you love how he delivers loved up lyrics, maybe this newbie is a possibility for you. Catchy beat.

Norah Jones – Come Away with Me

Sweetly romantic, thing song is slow and intimate. You might find yourself closing your eyes you thinking about the relaxing honeymoon. *swoon*

Now for a surprise song for those who might be looking for something fun, upbeat and gets everyone dancing:

Estelle – Pretty Please (Love Me)

From our experience live music is a hugely important factor in creating a great atmosphere at weddings. It is one thing our studio very strongly suggest you consider, as we see it every time how a great live band will create a vibe and make the night flow seamlessly giving guest a truly memorable experience. We strongly suggest you take our professional recommendations on those who are the most talented professional live bands in the wedding industry.

Music is also very important for the production of wedding cinematography. A big consideration when producing wedding films is that in most cases wedding cinematographers will source licensed music for the production of a couples wedding film. This is very important because when a wedding film is sold as a service and a highlight film is posted online, it is important to have the rights to use the music for the production of the wedding film. To learn more about wedding cinematography check out our recent post.

So that is a list of a few favourite first dance songs. Hope you enjoyed the songs. Do you have a favourite not listed? Add your suggestions in the comments of anything we may have missed!

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